Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cushion Eternal Love

That cute little ring bearer! He holds the two things that represent the unending circle of your united partnership and symbol of eternity. The ring bearer pillow will be carrying the two wedding rings, the symbol of the bride and grooms’ bond as husband and wife.
The ring pillow is an important element and there are so many ways to interpret your ring pillow. You can use the ring pillow to help bring together your theme (if you have one), go with a meaningful one by having someone close to you make it, or maybe something you can reuse into an accent pillow. Here are some great choices!

You can hoist your rings on love like this darling pillow. It represents love,but will also make a darling accent pillow on your newly wed bed. Go custom with a personalized keepsake. Perfect to put out on display or cherish in your wedding keep box. Use your ring pillow to tie in your theme. This Christmas woodland burlap pillow would be great for a rustic winter theme!

This one is special to me, because it was mine! I did a lot of diy projects for my wedding and made my pillow to go with my vintage floral theme. I made my pillow circular because I ran with the “eternal circle” throughout my planning with details.

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