Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dress Necklines

Choosing your bridesmaids' dresses can be almost as stressful as picking your own wedding gown. You have to find a style that works well with {all} your girls - and since pretty much every girl's body is different, this can be very tricky!

A lot of brides are going the approach of mixing things up. It's hard to please every girl with the same dress design, so but picking a few for them for your bridesmaids to choose from will eliminate the headache and heartache of needing to look good in that {one} dress. Just make sure all the dress styles look good together and are all by the same designer. And of course available in your color! I personally like mixing fabrics too, chiffon with satin, maybe even taffeta. Just make sure all the materials' colors go with each other. Be aware that coloring may vary from fabric to fabric.

If settling on the dress(es) wasn't enough, adding accessories to the mix seems like it would be an easy decision - but depending on the neckline of your girls dresses, it can be frustrating knowing what will work. So here's some help with some great Harley Mae designs to guide your way.

The most popular neckline is the sweetheart and works well being paired with a statement necklace that is at a medium length - like 18"-20". This fills the space between the collar bone and necklace. If the necklace is too short it may cut the head off from the rest of your body. 

Harley Mae styles pictured from top to bottom: TrinityMatilda, & Rose. Dress: Bill Levkoff

I've been seeing more and more of more unique necklines like the illusion and asymmetrical. I personally love them, but they can be tricky to accessorize. You can pull off a necklace - but keep it delicate and simple. Another great way to set off these more covered dress styles - including halters and boat necks -  is to go with a bracelet or cuff.

Harley Mae styles pictured from left to right: Emma, Vera, & Athena. Dresses: Mori Lee

The best style to give your larger bust bridesmaids is through a tank or v-neck neckline. They give a little more support and make it possible for your girls to wear a proper bra. You can accessorize these styles best with a shorter necklace, even a beautiful shorter statement piece would go wonderfully and keep eyes off of any cleavage!

Harley Mae styles pictured from left to right: Victoria & Kennedy. Dresses: JCrew

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