Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Golden February: Cakes

I'm celebrating the month of February with gold! I have a weakness for cakes - not so much for the taste - but the look! Your wedding cake is a wonderful way to tie in your wedding colors and makes such a gorgeous centerpiece! So I'm beginning Golden February with these gorgeous cakes and ways to use gold to make your special day a golden one.

Soften. Matte gold fondant covered - with a flower topper. Simple and chic.

Just a touch. Gold foiled section, and gold painted leaves make the perfect golden touch.

Add texture. This cake is full of texture! With gold painted chevron, metallic gold icing on bottom section, and even sprinkled with gold berry branches.

Make it fun. Fluffy feathers with textured gold leafing over white smooth fondant. 

Detail. Etched gold fondant with such gorgeous detail. The golden key add that special, unique touch.

Mix it in. Gold chevron really add something to these gorgeous pastels.

Nothing but. Make a statement with nothing but gold stamped with a floral pattern.

Modern. Go modern, yet so classy with gold lines. So beautiful with blush.

Geometric. Falling gold dots really makes this a dreamy geometric golden cake.

So whether you use gold as one of your colors, to add to your vintage theme, for a metallic touch, or just for the love of it - there are so many ways to incorporate golden gorgeousness to your cake.

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