Friday, February 14, 2014

Golden February: Ceremony Details

Golden February continues with ways to add royal gold touches to your wedding ceremony, including some great DIY projects for budget friendly planning.

Starting with shoes! I'm a Kate Spade fan, and these gorgeous gold Kate Spades would make a perfect golden touch to your bridal gown and 50% off at 6pm! Amazing!!!

Vintage gold decor. Ball jars sprayed gold and filled with flowers - handing from pot hangers to line the aisle. You can reuse these as centerpieces at your reception, OR make great parting gifts 
to mothers and grandmothers.

Gold directional arrows. Use gold to lead the way. A great touch to help your guests.

Gold touch to programs. Gorgeous and easy to DIY. Such an elegant addition and classy touch.

Here comes the BRIDE! How adorable to have your flower girl holding a sign as she struts herself down the aisle. As if she wasn't going to have enough "awww's".

Chair decor. Adding ribbon can help add color and texture to your ceremony. Tying it to your chairs is easy but time consuming. So if you don't have a large team of helpers, you can just put this gorgeous addition on the chairs outlining your aisle, or to the first row or two to reserve seating for immediate family.

Spray candelabra gold and fill with gorgeous flowers to line your aisle with. To make good use - after the ceremony, have your ushers carry them to your reception area.

Gold monogrammed aisle runner. I love aisle runners - they add custom touch to your ceremony space. After your wedding, you can cut out the monogrammed section and have framed for a beautiful and sentiment wall piece.

 Bridesmaid dresses. The biggest statement you can make is with your bridesmaids dresses. Having  your girls walk down in glam gold dresses will sure to set the royal tone for your ceremony.

DIY wedding program: Martha Stewart Real Weddings
here comes the bride sign: Expressions by Kim at Etsy
DIY chair decor:

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